Linnabary & Associates

Successful Enough to take Advantage of Significant Tax Credits? 

For companies successful enough to need every tax credit, and motivated to earn those tax credits, Linnabary & Associates offers a unique opportunity.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program rewards companies for hiring persons who statistically have greater challenges finding and keeping employment.  The Linnabary & Associates process maximizes those tax credits through a partnership that concentrates on the details that lead to maximum tax credits.  

How do we stack up when compared to other methods?  


It depends on what system you are using now, but we haven't seen a system that provides results close to ours.  If you are currently using a self identification system such as electronic or paper questionnaiires, we can easily double your credits. We are so sure, we will guarentee results.   Even if you are currently using a personal interviewing system, we frequently increase credits by fifty percent.